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About Us

Wuhan Meddocare Disposable Products Co.,Ltd.

Since 2007, Meddocare as a manufacturer and professional supplier of disposable protective medical products in China, has been developed innovative and user-friendly products for more than 9 years.

Our products are widely used in factory, lab, food service, home use, restaurant, hotel, beauty salon, dust-free workshop, household, electronic manufactures, laboratory, chemical workshop, dustproof place, daily home use, school, dust-free plant, beauty treatment, public places, cleanroom, hospital, medical sector, laboratory, chemical workshop, dental clinic, hygienic application, bio-clean room, pharmacy, medical personnel, pharmaceutical environment, veterinary activities, hygiene related areas, etc.

Our product range is as follows,

  • 1. Full protection, Gowns & Suits & Garments, coverall, safety protective gown, cleanroom gown, lab coats, laboratory gown, visitor cost, isolation gown, surgical gown, theatre gown, hospital gown, medical gown, doctor gown, patient gown, nurse gown, sterile gown, surgery gown, operating gown, surgeon suits, scrub suits, bath gown, sauna gown, salon gown, smock gown, thumb gown, veterinary gown, CPE gown with thumb holes, PE poncho, PE smock, raincoat, etc.
  • 2. Head protection, Caps & hood, bouffant cap, clip/mob cap, pleated cap, crimped hat, beard cover, beard snoods, mesh balaclava, headset cover, stethoscope cover, hood with face mask, surgeon hood, astronaut cap, snood cap, doctor cap, nurse cap, sister cap, dying cap, chef hat, work cap, peaked cap, nylon hairnet, mesh hairnet, shower cap, etc.
  • 3. Face protection, Face mask, Paper face mask, Dust mask, Non-woven face mask, face mask with goggle, Active carbon face mask, disposable respirator, etc.
  • 4. Body protection, Sleeve cover & Apron, non-woven oversleeves, PP/SMS sleeve cover, PE/CPE armsleeves, PE apron, PP/PP+PE apron, dental bib, dental cover, disposable thongs, underware, brief, pants, bra, etc.
  • 5. Foot protection, Shoe cover & Overshoes & Boots, non-woven shoe cover, non-woven anti-skid shoe cover, PE/CPE overshoes, PU overshoes, PP boot cover, PE/CPE boots, non-woven socks, non-woven slipper, etc.
  • 6. Hand protection, Gloves, latex glove, PVC/Vinyl glove, nitrile glove, PE/CPE glove, EVA glove, veterinary/animal glove, Polythene gauntlets, etc.
  • 7. Bed sheet, mattress cover, pillow case, underpad, etc.
  • 8. Suit cover & Shopping bag, non-woven suit cover, non-woven shopping bag, non-woven environmental bag, cool bag, coolling bag, etc.
  • 9. Sterilized Drapes, side drape, bottom drape, top drape, breast and chest drape, thyroid drape, minor procedure fenestrated drape, reinforced minor fenestrated drape, laparotomy T-drape, laparoscopic drape with leggings, craniotomy drape, head turban drape, U-drape, eye drape, eye drape plus, c-section drape, delivery drape, cystoscopy drape, urology/lithotomy drape with pouch, gynaecology/urology/lithotomy drape, hip drape with poukets, hip drape, shoulder drape, arthroscopy drape, lower extremity T-drape, hand drape, extremity drape, cardiovascular & angiography drape, pacemaker drape, etc.
  • 10. Sterilized Pack, theatre pack, procedure pack, general surgery pack, neurology pack, ENT pack, ophthalmology pack, gynaecology & obstetrics & urology pack, orthopaedics pack, cardiovascular & angiography pack, accessories, etc.

As technological market leader, we have the professional competence and flexibility to respond quickly to changing market needs. According to your individual requirements, we combine first-class solutions with high application comfort. You are always welcome to seek advice from our experienced employees.

Your need is our challenge, your satisfaction is our goal.